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God made children for families

We believe that children belong in families, not orphanages. We work with governments to introduce local family-based care for disadvantaged children. Care for Children has been at work for 18 years in China and for 5 years in Thailand. 

We are working toward moving 1 million children from orphanages into families. 

The Problem

Children living in Institutions without the necessary love and care of a family

An estimated 8 million children around the world are growing up in institutional care without families. This problem persists despite the fact for over 50 years governments have known institutions consistently fail to meet children's development needs. 

What We Do

Care for Children works with governments in Asia to make the transition from institutional care to family-based care. We provide the tools and training to recruit, access and train suitable foster families. We then help governments place, support and monitor the children. This brings a scalable solution to a massive problem – one we have been working to solve since 1998.

Our Global Ambassadors

Bear Grylls with Care for Children

 BEAR GRYLLS // UK AMBASSADOR Adventurer, Writer & Television Presenter  

"Every child deserves a family of their own; I am proud to be an ambassador of Care for Children and partner with them to see their vision reached in placing a million children back into loving families."

Francis Chan

FRANCIS CHAN // US AMBASSADOR Best-selling author and host of the BASIC.series

Author and Preacher Francis Chan traveled to China with Care for Children founder Robert Glover to see a village where 166 children have been fostered by 53 village families.  

Be a part of moving children out of orphanges and into families.

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